Build It, Tune It, Tire It
Race It and Win!

Karting is an awesome hobby!  It's a tremendous challenge and a rush you'll never forget.  BUT...How do you figure it out?  How do you get in without spending a fortune and getting lapped every race for a year?  How do you begin to understand what's really going on with your chassis?  How do you figure out what to do with all those tires and tire preps?  How do you sift through all the barrage of information which you hear and read?

Start Fast  - The information to get in, get equipment, get it put together right, get


Dynamics of Speed - Understand exactly what makes an oval kart fast, understand what is going on with your chassis and then use this knowledge to go faster!


Chemical aTraction - If the tires aren't biting then nothing else matters.  This book contains all the information necessary to understand what the tires need to do, what we need to know to pick the right tires, how to use different preps and prep application methods to prep them correctly so that everything comes together for us to make bite and run up front.


It doesn't matter what type of chassis you ride, what type of racing surface on which you run or where you live, if you race karts on ovals these books apply to you!


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